Wednesday, June 1, 2011

My house and RAD OR maybe this title should be a mom of RAD drinks Carrot/apple juice.

I feel like I'm swimming in filth and my living room looks like the dryer threw up in it.
 My desk in the kitchen.

 My living room.

My bedroom that is the catch all room.

These pictures were taken because we had not been home from vacation 24 hours and this is what my house looked like. I was completely gridlocked and could not put anything away because something else had to be done first. This post was going to be me whining that I can't keep a clean house with my RAD kids, homeschooling, grief. blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Yeah, that post gets on my own nerves

Sunday, we bought juicing carrots and apples to try out my mom's juicer. Monday, I drank 8 oz of juice which was 2 carrots and an apple and I can really tell a difference. Normally, I walk from room to room knowing I need to do something, but feel so overwhelmed I can't get anywhere with it all.

The energy from the carrot/apple juice was nothing crazy, but gave me a clear brain and normal energy. It started with cleaning out the fridge and then I moved on to the living room. Next thing I know I'm putting all the winter clothes away.

My table had been covered in stuff.

My counters had been completely covered. 

The only thing left in the living room, that needed to be cleaned up when we went to bed, was some dominoes. Mr. Screech decided not to clean them up, but he had them cleaned up fast and snappy in the morning so he could have breakfast. 

Pardon me while I go drink some carrot/apple juice.


Essie the Accidental Mommy said...

LOL! Pretty much looks like my house, except mine might be worse. Coming home from vacation is hard, twice as much work going on. Then, you need another vacation.

Trauma Mama said...

Thank God I'm not the only one. I was really nervous to put myself out there with messy pictures.

You are right that coming back from vacation is hard. Right now I could use a vacation from my kids. 274 days to Orlando!