Thursday, June 9, 2011

Do you have a grumpy rump in your house?

I recommend playing Bad Day by Alvin and the Chipmunks. My kids can not hang on to their frowns when I play it.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

There were four in the bed and the vocal RAD said, "Aaaaahhhhh GET UP!!!"

My husband is out of town until late Thursday night, and on top of everything else the kids are working through, this is making them even more bonkers.

Mr. Stinky came in my room to sleep around 3am, Mr. Happy came in around 5:30am, and Mr. Screech came at 6:30am.

When the first two came in it was no big deal because they snuggled in and went right to sleep. Mr. Screech came in and immediately had the RAD look of, "What did I miss! How dare everyone be here and not me!" I had everyone squish over so he could get in bed and he lay there for 15 minutes and then started talking. 

I told him he needed to be quiet because everyone is sleeping and if he needed to go on then go quiet. What was I thinking! That was not good enough for a screeching RADling. He sat up on his knees on the edge of the bed watching everyone and making noises. I took him to his room and of course the screaming woke everyone up. I promised him he was not going to like his day because he did not do as he was told. 

When he asked for his breakfast I started crying and yelling (just like he had done), "I don't want to!" so he went and got his own cereal and milk. 

When it was time for lunch I asked if he wanted a grilled cheese or corn dog and he said, "Corn Dog!" He got grilled cheese because I decided not to listen to him.

When he said, "But I asked for a corn dog!" I said, (in a surprised nice toned voice) "Oh! I thought we were not listening to what people wanted or asked for today." and walked on. He was a very sad boy so I came back and validated that it was sad when people don't listen to what others are asking.

This might take a million times of doing, but he will get it eventually. This is a natural and logical consequence.

This afternoon, Mr. Screech had a severe RAD moment that had me giggling. Lately, I've been getting mad so it felt good to giggle over it for a bit.

We have several riding cars and the boys love to race each other around the house on them. First, Mr. Screech tried to get Mr. Happy's car and when I told him to move on he went to Mr. Stinky's car. I kept telling Mr. Screech to try a different car and he had an excuse for not going to THAT car. Until Mr. Stinky did of course. He followed Mr. Stinky to a different car 4 or 5 times and it was ridiculous. I went to pick him up to get him away from his brother and I was laughing so much I didn't have the strength to lift him. We had a little couch time.

Mr. Stinky had a rippin tantrum and took a toy and launched it at me. He had perfect aim and hit me right in the face so now I have a bruised cheek. I'm thinking he should play baseball.

After he calmed down we had a calm moment on the couch and he talked about missing grandma. We both had a good cry together.

Counting down to our therapy appointment on Friday. 

It's registration day!

If you want to go to Corey's retreat then TODAY is the day to register! Rush to her blog and git-r-done!

My house and RAD OR maybe this title should be a mom of RAD drinks Carrot/apple juice.

I feel like I'm swimming in filth and my living room looks like the dryer threw up in it.
 My desk in the kitchen.

 My living room.

My bedroom that is the catch all room.

These pictures were taken because we had not been home from vacation 24 hours and this is what my house looked like. I was completely gridlocked and could not put anything away because something else had to be done first. This post was going to be me whining that I can't keep a clean house with my RAD kids, homeschooling, grief. blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Yeah, that post gets on my own nerves

Sunday, we bought juicing carrots and apples to try out my mom's juicer. Monday, I drank 8 oz of juice which was 2 carrots and an apple and I can really tell a difference. Normally, I walk from room to room knowing I need to do something, but feel so overwhelmed I can't get anywhere with it all.

The energy from the carrot/apple juice was nothing crazy, but gave me a clear brain and normal energy. It started with cleaning out the fridge and then I moved on to the living room. Next thing I know I'm putting all the winter clothes away.

My table had been covered in stuff.

My counters had been completely covered. 

The only thing left in the living room, that needed to be cleaned up when we went to bed, was some dominoes. Mr. Screech decided not to clean them up, but he had them cleaned up fast and snappy in the morning so he could have breakfast. 

Pardon me while I go drink some carrot/apple juice.