Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Are you ready for Orlando?!

Wondering what "Orlando" is? It is an Early Trauma and Attachment Annual Meeting  (aka a mom's retreat) and you can hop over to Corey's blog and check out the details.

What I can tell you from my experience, is that it is a glorious weekend of relaxing and chatting with women who "get it." You don't have to wipe snotty noses, or butts, (except your own cause I'm not doing it for ya.) and you don't have to deal with taking care of anyone else but yourself.

I had some first's this year on my trip and that was cool.
I had an alcoholic beverage with my breakfast, in the airport, because I could and it was damn good.
I ran/walked my first 5k.
I hula hooped and got it to stay up on my waist for the first time ever!
I stood in a room and talked to moms openly knowing I was NOT being judged.
I was able to share our families therapeutic parenting experiences/advice and moms actually listened instead of telling my they didn't have those problems with their kids. (Because you know they're perfect angels. *gag*puke*)

And let me tell you about the hugs in Orlando. They are so awesome and amazing and I can't WAIT to get back there and have another or several more. They are not fake, but full of "I get it", and "I know what you are going through." Let me tell ya ladies, THAT is a hug that a trauma mama doesn't forget!  Gee, did I make myself sound like a weirdo over a hug? Oh well, if you are a mother of trauma you'll get that.

If you parent trauma, and think you are at an ok place and don't really need a break, you might want to reconsider. I felt the same way because my kids were in a good place and my mom was on her death bed and I almost didn't go. I am so glad I did because with my mom gone these women are a HUGE support network. Some have even lost their moms and it is comforting to know I am not alone with that too.

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GB's Mom said...

I wouldn't miss it! There is nothing in the world like it!