Friday, May 6, 2011

Thank you YMCA for all the Mother's Day trauma.

Went and worked out at the Y and when I picked the boys up from childcare Mr. Stinky said, "I drew a picture for you, but you are going to have to wait till Mother's Day to see it." Outwardly I said, "That's wonderful honey." and inside I was screaming %$#&^%!!!!!

Sure enough, we got home and he lost it in the front yard. The cool part was I could get a hold of him pretty quickly and have him talk through those feelings and his aggression stopped. For the rest of the day he was kind and helpful towards me.

The front lawn episode happened about 1pm and my 6pm he came out of his room all excited and told me he had homemade confetti ready to rain down on me in the morning when he presented me with his picture.

I can't wait for our therapist to challenge him further in his healing in June.


Seven From Heaven said...

Thats really great that you could get him to talk and he calmed down for you.

My daughter came home from school yesterday with a Mothers Day gift for me that she won't let me see yet. I too acted excited, but inside was screaming. I had to go away last night so I avoided any trauma drama, but im sure i'll pay today when she gets up.
Hope you have a good Mothers Day!

Last Mom said...

My daughter gave me the cards she made in school early last week. She feels like she's lying and keeping secrets if she waits to give stuff. Major anxiety for her in trying to keep something a surprise!