Monday, August 16, 2010

The Smack

Before church, I was sitting on the couch with all two of the boys watching some Curious George. Mr. Stinky got really mad at Mr. Screech for walking in front of him and growled and grouched at him twice. On the second grouch I smacked Mr. Stinky's knee and immediately regretted it because smacking always results in a huge blow-up.

Surprisingly, all I got was a glare and Mr. Stinky hiding under the couch cushion. I apologized for smacking him and then coached him on what he should have said instead of growling and grouching at his brother. Then we went back to watching Curious George and he snuggled against me. After a bit he reached his hand up behind me and started playing with my hair. He has never done that before. Yay, for progress with Mr. Stinky!

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