Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Finally, a grief therapist

I was able to get in touch with a Hospice grief counselor today and I was giving a little background of my kids. That they have attachment issues and the loss of their grandmother is more devastating than what a bio-attached kid might feel, etc. She said she would need to talk to a supervisor before seeing my kids because "they might become attached to her."  "...I'm trained to know about attachment issues." Oh how I had to keep my mouth shut and not school her right there about attachment issues!

Uh, am I missing something here? Is she completely confused about an attachment disorder? I told her I was confused and asked how they would "become attached to her" and she said because she would be counseling them one on one. I sweetly explained that they would not be there with her by themselves. I would be there at all times.

On a good note she can see me on Monday and I'm excited because I know I have displaced anger. Recently, I've turned into a mom with a short temper and I'm quick to yell and get aggravated instead of staying calm and handling things therapeutically. Yes, I have once again lost my therapeutic panties.

Does her statement seem strange to any of you or do I not get attachment disorders?


Essie the Accidental Mommy said...

Well, this is JMO. But, at least she has the sense to say she doesn't know for sure if she can handle it and will have to ask for some guidance from a more experienced colleague. Obviously, she is right seeing as she thought she could do "therapy in a box" right away. But if she can get a quick and dirty low-down she just might work out.

My crappy experience was with someone who said she knew attachement disorder but did not.

Barb G said...

Doesn't sound like she "knows" attachment disorder because she was thinking she would see the child one on one.

She probably "knows of" attachment disorder. Big difference.

Trust your judgment. You are right to be concerned. I would see how it goes, and follow your gut. (((hug)))