Sunday, November 20, 2011

Parenting trauma can be so lonely.

Tonight was a lonely parenting moment for me. I took my kids to a roller skating party and there were quite a few adopted children there. (Families I know of, but not friends with.) Mr. Screech was the only one screaming, "I hate you and I will not go home with you!" when it was time to go. Suck! Suck! and Suck! 

It was sucking me into depression, but after chatting with GB's Mom we concluded that Hope would be screaming right along with Mr. Screech. I imagined both of us chatting and laughing about our kids and their ridiculous fits. I don't feel as lonely anymore.

So, thank you GB's Mom for being such a fabulous SOUL sister and I can't wait to hug your neck in Orlando. Only 102 days! 


Corey said...

I just wanted to tell you how incredibly proud I am of you. Neither of my RAD kids would have screamed at me in public (they were the ones that charm the pants off people publicly and abuse family at home) but I would never have taken them out, either. You were SO BRAVE to put yourself out there, knowing this was a possible (probable?) outcome, instead of staying home and feeling isolated and depressed.

Trauma Mama said...

We stayed home for so long after Mr. Screech and Mr. Happy came home that I refuse to do it anymore. I NEED people!

Unfortunately, if given the opportunity, they both charm the pants off people. The skate rink was too chaotic for them to find someone to charm so Mr. Screech had to lose it instead.