Tuesday, May 1, 2012

What he did with pee.

I am currently singing to myself tonight. "Oh, it's what you do to me and oh what you do with pee." Sigh...

When I went to tuck Mr. Stinky into bed his blanket was all wet and then I realized his sheets were wet. I stayed calm and asked what happened. He was acting weird and saying he didn't know so I dropped it. After changing his sheets and tucking him in I went and told my husband.

It dawned on me that he probably did it when I sent him to his room earlier today. I was on the phone and he was lashing out to his brothers so I told him to go to his bed and wait for me to get off the phone so I could keep everyone safe. 

I went back to his room and linked the behavior to the feeling by saying, "Mr. Stinky, if you are mad just say I am mad! instead of peeing. I love you and goodnight sweetheart." He shouted something snarky as I left. 

I sent Lisa a text about it and she encouraged me to tap with him about it and prescribe it. Oh, the fun we have in store for us. I really hope this is short lived. 

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