Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Inviting the Tantrum

Mr. Screech has decided that it is his duty to get up first thing in the morning and have a tantrum. I have tried ignoring, but he started tearing things up to get my attention or making it a point to tantrum while I was eating breakfast. (I made sure they ate first thing which put me eating later.) I have tried doing what he asks and not cause a conflict, but no matter what I do he still tantrums. For example, make him the breakfast that he asked for and then he rages because it was the wrong breakfast. Seriously?!

For the past three mornings I have been getting up before my kids and as soon as he gets up I invite him to the couch to have a tantrum on my lap. He says he doesn't want to have a tantrum, but the first morning he started as soon as he got off my lap, so we went right back to the couch to get it out of his system. Yesterday and today he did not want to have one and he didn't even after getting off my lap. It has made it so we can start the day with snuggles and laughter.

Another thing about getting up before them is I am one step ahead all day long. I am able to direct them better through school and I have been telling them what toys to play with and they seem to do really well with this routine. Mr. Screech was especially lost when I would tell him to get a toy to play with so consequently he would tantrum instead of play.


Last Mom said...

Good thinking! Love it! I've asked my daughter if she thought she'd need a meltdown that day and told her it is okay if she does. I think we got one. And it was okay.

Dia por Dia said...

Scheduled tantrums were a regular part of our day for awhile. Sometimes it works like a charm! Good thinking mama!