Wednesday, December 15, 2010


After 10 days of all three boys being triggered, raging, tantruming little crazies we have finally had relief for the past 2 days. Mama even joined in a couple of times and had 2 meltdowns.

I am wondering if today will be the end of that relief because yesterday a friend of ours gave them presents. Heaven forbid someone LIKES them and gives them presents!!! (Rolling my eyes)

This morning I have used the technique of inviting the tantrums and so far it is keeping them at bay. Mr. Screech and Mr. Stinky have both wanted to have a tantrum, but as soon as I got excited they were going to have one they shut it off. Love it!!!

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Family of 4.... said...

So basically when the boys start to tantrum, you get excited about their fit and they stop? I must try this with 6 yr old. I am tired of the fits and tantrums.