Friday, December 3, 2010

The most perfect blog post

This Holiday Season (and Everyday!) I Wish My Family and Friends Would…Notes From Adoptive Parents – Part One and Part Two

These are fabulous blog posts from our therapist Arleta James and I cried when I read part one. It is my thoughts put in writing so perfectly and more validation that I am not alone. Others struggle too and have the same needs from surrounding family and friends to understand and "believe me." Really! Just believe me because I do not lie about the behaviors of my children to get attention for myself! (Rolling my eyes)

Since my in-laws are my biggest nay-sayers and don't stinking "get it" I can't wait to email this to them. Do I think they will get it then? Nope. Sure don't, but I'm going to email them anyways. They like to dish it so I am dishing back!

If you are struggling with meltdowns this Christmas season check out:

Managing Your Adoptee’s Meltdowns in Public and at Home: Just in Time for the Holidays!

 I am implementing and it is working more often than not.

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