Friday, December 24, 2010


 Back in January, when we first started see our therapist, Arleta James, she pointed out how bad our children's manners were. They would barge into the room and say, "I'm hungry." in a very demanding voice. Arleta taught us to coach the boys to ask for something to eat instead. I have not stayed on them about it so we are back to square one. Today, I worked hard getting them back to asking and by the end of the day they were better.


Mr. Screech was having a really good day today. For the past several weeks he has been really triggered and having lots of tantrums. Today, we had several instances where he started to scream or cry and then he pulled himself together and used his words. I told him he did good using his words like a family boy. I have been trying to pull him close and talk in a playful tone to combat his dis-regulation and it has been working. Today I mixed it up and did a little ignoring as well as using a playful tone.

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