Thursday, December 16, 2010

Holding it together

Just as I suspected, everyone wanted to have meltdowns or act out because of the presents. I just kept on inviting the tantrums and meltdowns and they shut the tantrums off and used their words. It is a little exhausting staying on top of this, but listening to tantrums is far more draining.

Mr. Screech and Mr. Happy had their preschool program last night so preschool consisted of rehearsal. I went ahead and stayed, because Mr. Screech was very uneasy since it was at a church we had never been before.

We were one of the first families to arrive last night and the kids played in the playroom. I decided to get Mr. Screech and let him see all the people that were showing up. Sure enough, it frieked him out, but he held it together.

When they came out on stage it was interesting to see the difference in their personalities. Mr. Screech kept his hands over his eyes and was the only child not participating. Mr. Happy was "in the business of being cute" and a star performer.

When the show was over Mr. Screech wanted papa to drive them home. He had a meltdown and my first reaction was to get mad, BUT I kept control, spoke to him gently and loved on him a bit. The Bible doesn't lie when it says, "A soft answer turneth away wrath...Prov 15:1" I just have to keep control of myself.

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