Thursday, January 20, 2011

Birthday Triggers

Mr. Happy had his birthday on the 15th and I'd say he really isn't doing too well. I thought he was very regressed before. Well, I hadn't seen anything yet! He's in a constant state of baby and when he responds to everyone it is very snarky. Snarky is very out of character for him.
He is also very mouthy to everyone. If anyone says something about anything he has to respond negative and nasty. Even when it is not his conversation. Ah, let the fun times roll.
I keep reminding myself to nurture the baby which is hard when I'm looking at a 4-year-old.

Mr. Stinky's birthday is today and I'd say he is handling it very well so far. He woke up happy it was his birthday, but then everything that came out of his mouth was in a mad tone, BUT no rages were happening. This is progress people!!!!

In one of his snarky moments, I finally said, "Wow, lets just talk nasty to everyone because you are thinking about "A" (birthmom) on your birthday. Let's just be nasty to our family because we are having a big fat feeling about A" He just looked at me with a half smile on his face. He has been better since I called him out on his feelings.

On another note, it snowed today and I threw sent the kids to play in the snow. Everything has been wet, soggy and too cold to play outside so we took advantage of the snow. I love it! If it is going to be cold and nasty then let it snow!

Surprisingly, the boys played outside by themselves, without fighting, and I was able to clean up the kitchen while keeping an eye on them. Dinner time was wonderful and full of NORMAL happy family talk.
This is the best part! Mr. Screech even did a joke! People this is HUGE!!!!!

The Mr. brought home Chick-Fil-A for the birthday dinner since we were "snowed in" and couldn't go. At one point, I was commenting, "It was nice for papa to bring Chick-Fil-A to us." and Mr. Stinky said laughing, "Yeah, like the whole place." My mouth was hanging open because this child does not know how to joke! Well, I guess he does now. Progress!!!

Tonight, I didn't care what time they went to bed. I took the time to read them stories and snuggle them while they rotated through their baths and it was great. Normally, I am chomping at the bit for them to be in bed at 7pm.

THIS is wonderful progress and today I am in a place where my heart is so full of love for my family. You know, the fall on your face in love that is not clouded by nasty behaviors. Ah, this is the life. I will soak in it even if it is just for today.


Megan said...

Nurture the damn baby. Instant classic. I may just tattoo it to my forehead.

Trauma Mama said...

It might work better if we tattoo it to "the baby's" head. It crossed my mind today to get out the permanent marker. :-D

Sarah said...

YAY for progress! I wonder if I wrote "Nurture the damn baby!" on my 12 year old's forehead in the middle of the night if that would cause any problems in middle school... hmmm.... guess I will have to find another way to remember. :-P

QuackenBaby said...

NURTURE THE DAMN BABY!!! My sentiments exactly! :) My 6 yr old has been in this "I want to be a baby" stuff for the last few weeks, except instead of SAYING it... she acted it! ARGH!

Instead of a simple request for cuddle time, I had a 90lb 6 yr old tantruming like crazy and wetting her bed again....

KIDS!!!!! Just TELL ME! JUST SAY WHAT YOU WANT! I promise to respond in some way other than yelling!

Lisa said...

Nurture....oh yeah. Classic. Maybe I need it tatooed on my arm.

So glad to find you through Christine and excited to meet you in Orlando.

Trauma Mama said...

@ Sarah
Ah, screw the middle schoolers. It's all about the PARENTS sanity, right? :-D

You gotta love pee. We had a little of that today too. Fun times!

@ Lisa
Do I see ink in your future for Orlando?

Lisa said...

Maybe....that WOULD be a miracle. :)
There's no telling what might happen while I'm with all y'all crazy women. :D

Family of 4.... said...

You did have a great day! Wow. I can read from your post how nice a day it was. And I love Nurture The Damn Baby! That's so true and so hard, but so funny, too.

Soak it in. I agree.