Monday, January 24, 2011

Recapping the Weekend

I thought I’d recap our weekend since it was a little RAD eventful, but overall good.

Before I do, I am singing and dancing because I am going to Corey's retreat in Orlando! A bloggy mommy friend could not go, so I get to take her place! This really is a blessing for me. I am so excited that I have not been able to sleep well since she contacted me. Come on Orlando!

The realist in me is nervous. Back in September, our life was blissful and full of "healing" and then I had the gall to go out of town for a weekend! My boys have been recovering ever since (really just Mr. Screech) and we are just getting back to that blissful place. 

I do have a short weekend trip coming up this weekend, so I guess that will give me an idea of what I will be dealing with in March for the retreat. Good RAD-tastic times!


It was Mr. Screech’s birthday and he woke up very happy and came and snuggled me in bed. I dreaded telling him it was his birthday, but The Mr. said, “It is his birthday and he should get the whole day to celebrate.” Ok so he had a point. If there was going to be trauma drama it needed to be addressed so Mr. Screech can heal.

Mid-morning his tone changed and he was having deep birthday feelings, so I addressed them for him. It helped and he was not snarky the rest of the day.

In the evening, we let the boys go play x-box for a bit. Mr. Screech decided to pee his pants. I told him, “If you are mad over your birthday you don’t have to pee your pants. You can just say you are mad.” Mr. Screech said, “Oh.”

We celebrated at the boy’s favorite restaurant Culver’s with not further drama.


I have had a heavy fog over me for weeks, maybe since Mr. Stinky started homeschooling after Thanksgiving, but it is real and heavy. I have enjoyed my workouts because they seem to lift the fog a little. However, as soon as I return home I go back into the overwhelming fog.

When all three boys were in school I had 21/2 hours to myself M/W/F to do whatever I needed to do without interruptions. That time is gone so I have been trying to re-figure my schedule. Even if I put them in front of a movie I can’t make phone calls or get anything done because they insist on fighting. It just isn’t working.

This morning, I woke up and started involving them in all the household chores. For some reason, I thought I had to do it all. Cook, clean, and spend time with them. It can’t be done! They pitched in and helped and we alternated between cleaning and doing things they wanted. Everyone cooperated, for the most part, and the house is spotless! The fog is gone and I got quality time with my boys.

I think their favorite cleaning time was helping scrub the shower. I had them take off everything but their underwear and scrub the walls. They started singing, “Happy dance. Happy dance. Happy dance.” while they cleaned. I guess it wasn’t too torturous.
(Before any of you get your panties in a wad, about them standing in cleaner, we use white vinegar and baking soda. Best cleaner on the planet and harmless.)

That evening, Mr. Stinky was sitting on my lap and said, “I miss time with you.” and I said, “Well, since everyone pitch in today, all the house chores are done and I can sit here and be with you.” He thought it was great.

At bath time, Mr. Screech decided to poop in the tub. Thank you RAD-o-licious!!! And let me tell you! It was on purpose! This child can hold it FOREVER and he is really good about telling us when he has to go. He has not had an “accident” like this, in the tub, for about 9 months, I think.

When The Mr. walked in, to get Mr. Screech out of the tub, Mr. Screech was trying to hand it to him. The Mr. about lost his dinner. He can deal with vomit any day, but not poop. LOL


We had a family birthday party for the boys and some of our extended family was over who don’t see the boys much.
They were commenting on how good the boys were and I had to bite my tongue. I wanted so bad to say, “Yeah, it is only because you are here.” BUT then I really thought about it. They were good before our guests arrived, and looking back now, there were no meltdowns when they left. Progress!!!!

Overall, this weekend was full of progress since there were no major meltdowns or tantrums. This whole month is progress since we have survived THREE birthdays and no major meltdowns. We still have one more birthday to go.


Sarah said...

THREE Birthdays with no meltdowns? That's HUGE! Doing a happy dance for all of you. :) And SO excited to meet you in Orlando! (of course, I have no idea who you are, lol. Maybe we should all get name tags with our names and the names of our blogs printed on them.)

Trauma Mama said...

I agree we need name tags with all of our crazy alias' on them.

I was going to send you an email, but your blog does not show it.
Send me a message at ramblingsofatraumamama at gmail dot com