Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Drama of Handwriting

For our school curriculum, we have been using the school books, that were sent home with Mr. Stinky, since we already paid for them. We had a 1 week honeymoon period where he got his work done in about 2 hours and ever since he screams, cries and carries on about his language arts, writing and spelling. For the life of me, I could not figure out why copying some words were so difficult, but using his brain to do math was so easy for him. It was so bad we went on Christmas break early.

We were at a friend's house on Thursday, who homeschools too, and I was telling her my woes. Her youngest has the same issue when it comes to handwriting, so she spoke to a teacher of 30 years about it. The teacher explained that it takes 4 processing steps to write something compared to 2 processing steps to spell the word out loud. Who knew it was a processing thing all along?!!! The teacher's advice is to let it go until they are ready. Until then have them start on a typing program.

I am currently looking for a good typing program if anyone has advice. The only one I know of is Mavis Beacon. Any other suggestions out there?

We are now following the reading list on Sonlight for 1st grade and preschool and waiting on our Math U See to get here. I have put the public school curriculum away and the tears have subsided. Now, I snuggle on the couch reading  to my boys for school. They love it and we are bonding while learning.


Sarah said...

I had a 10-year old foster son who also really struggled with writing, but could type. I found a children's typing software at OfficeMax- jump start typing, I think. We also found a LOT of great resources online- try googling "free typing games for kids" there are a lot of them out there! Good luck!

Trauma Mama said...

Awesome! Thanks Sarah. I will google it.