Saturday, February 5, 2011

Falling to Pieces

Yesterday is the day my kids picked to fall apart. The morning was spent rotating through all three boys sitting on my lap and talking about their big blazin feelings that were rearing their ugly head.

Mr. Stinky was hitting everyone around him so I gathered him up for some couch time. He tried to half-heartedly fight me and then we got down to business of talking the feelings through and some snuggling. When he got off my lap he did fine for a bit and then we had to have round two.

Mr. Screech was having dreadful behavior so couch time with mommy turned into a rage session I have not seen in him for a while. When he calmed, we were able to talk about his feelings of me leaving last weekend, his birth story, and his time spent in the orphanage. He did fine for a while, but had to have round two as well.

Mr. Happy decided since Mr. Stinky was hitting everyone he would walk up and whop Mr Screech out of the blue. This happened while Mr. Stinky was on my lap, so I had him sit at the end of the couch until I could get to him.

I did not get off the couch until 12pm and I was beginning to think our day was hopeless. The afternoon turned out great after all that couch time.

Looking back, and comparing this to when I was out of town in September, we are still making progress. The rage sessions are MUCH shorter and there is some happy behavior going on after we get the yucky feelings out of the way.
I am looking forward to Orlando, but I do wonder what behaviors will await me when I get back.


Lisa said...

It never ceases to amaze me how much better J's day can get if I do our version of "couch time". The tricky part for me is remembering to do it. I'm getting better at it though....

Essie the Accidental Mommy said...

Yow, 3 boys at one time whipping thru all that. Sounds like you really were on the ball- Go Mom!

Mama Drama Times Two said...

Thanks for the reminder that our return rom Orlando will certainly earn us Moms a little bit of payback from the kiddos...lets put that on the list of stuff to talk about???