Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Over the weekend The Mr. brought out the M&M's and it is helping to whip our kiddos back into shape. Sometimes, instead of consequence after consequence they just need a little reward in their mouth.

The Mr. was helping me by doing school with the boys and we do a lot of reading with discussion questions. He wanted the kids to respond so he started giving M&M's for answering questions. It worked great and all three boys were involved.

I have had it up to my eye balls with the constant bickering and hitting between the boys. This morning I started rewarding the child who handled the problem correctly. Believe it or not it was Mr. Screech getting all the M&M's!

Normally, I have to set the timer for Mr.Screech and Mr. Happy to take turns with an electronic game. I noticed they were giving each other turns without the timer so I went and gave them M&M's and said, "You are taking turns without the timer like family boys. Nice!"

I was working on school in the basement with Mr. Stinky and was really impressed that the little ones were playing well upstairs. When I came upstairs, every board game/dominoes/ etc was out and the living room was a disaster. It is amazing what 4-year-olds can do in an hour. I had them clean up and started giving out M&M's as they completed each task.

Then we moved on to folding washcloths and Mr. Screech decided to start having meltdowns so I started giving myself some of his M&M's. He lost 3 out of 5 because of it and was so sad. I guess he will know what to do next time.

Today, was the nicest day we have had in weeks. Instead of the boys screaming, yelling and hitting each other in rages there was more helping, hugs and good playing. They had smiles on their faces and there were belly laughs going on. It was a GOOD day!!!

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Lisa said...

We are big fans of M & M therapy around here!!!