Thursday, February 3, 2011

My Weekend

I went on a retreat this weekend that was rockin good fun as well as getting a healthy dose of Christ.

I am involved with Scarlet Hope which is a ministry that takes the hope and love of Jesus Christ to the adult entertainment industry. The delivery team takes a hot meal into the strip clubs and serves the dancers.
When I heard about this ministry it grabbed my heart and has not let go. These women are so beaten down and abuse and my heart goes out to them. Check out their website. If you make a $20 donation you get a super cool t-shirt.

So, the reason for the retreat was to get the team together for some bonding time as well as a devotional time. During the video devotional I got a Holy Smack Down! Maria Shrirer was talking about being in the word daily and in my head I was saying, "I didn't have time." It was amazing because every excuse I had in my head Maria responded to ON THE VIDEO! My final thought to God was, "Well, you gave me these crazy kids! I really don't have time!" Then Maria said, "And just because you have kids is no excuse!" Yep, Holy Smack Down delivered and I am trying to be in His Word daily because I know it is my lifeline.

This retreat was also a test to see how my kids would do after I returned home. When I went on a weekend trip in September Mr. Screech lost his marbles and we went back to square one and have been recovering ever since.

So far, it is not too bad. He is quick to cry about a lot of things, but then he quickly recovered and starts using his words. There has not been any rejection towards me which is HUGE! If anything, he is reaching out to me more. Progress!!!  Now I am just trying to remember to NURTURE THE DAMN BABY!!!

Yesterday, Mr. Stinky went out of control and had to be lightly restrained. He quickly calmed and we talked about the weekend and if he had feelings about me leaving. He said he really didn't, but the weekend was so hard because his brothers fussed and made it not fun. We had a really good chat and snuggle time and then he said, "Mama, I'm sorry for the behavior I am having in this family." This child never apologizes, only blames others so this is HUGE!!! Progress!!!

Mr. Happy was not feeling well so he laid on the couch all day. I took advantage and snuggled him often. He has been very distant lately.

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