Monday, February 7, 2011

This morning got a little nutty. Mr. Screech will not leave Mr. Stinky alone. He is always up in his space and being REALLY annoying! At one point, Mr. Stinky went tearing down the hall and got tangled between the wall and the coat closet door that was open and ended up with a puncture in his head. Right above his eyebrow.

I know head wounds bleed a lot, but I thought he needed stitches so I was telling the little ones to get their socks and shoes on. Mr. Screech decides to be defiant and nasty and not doing what he is told. I told him again and stressed we had to take Mr. Stinky to the doctor so Mr. Screech stands in the middle of the room screaming, crying and saying he can't find his shoes. Yep, it was a real circus around here.

It didn't take long for the bleeding to stop so I bandaged it with a butterfly strip and we stayed home. I had a good chat with Mr. Stinky because this is the second time he has gotten hurt because he is so furious at Mr. Screech. We talked about calming down and letting mommy help when he is frustrated. (We found out last Sunday when he cut his thumb on a lego it was really on the glass of a frame that had just fallen apart. He swiped it across in his rage at his brother.)

Mr. Happy was sick today so I am giving him supplements to make him get better. At one point I made him a cup of Emergen-C (vitamin C) and Mr.Screech looked at it longingly and said, "I wish I was sick." He is very much attached to food and if he thinks someone is getting food/drink and he is not he can't handle it.

Remember Mr. Screech having to vacuum because he came when I called his brother? Well, today he started to come when I called his brother again and then he stopped, looked at me and decided it wasn't worth it to answer. I love that it made him think! Progress!

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Sarah said...

YAY! for progress! And yay for you finding something positive to say after such a nutty day! Wishing you a better tomorrow. :)