Sunday, February 6, 2011


Before I went out of town, last weekend, all three boys would come to my room in the morning and say, "Good morning!" and snuggle me. Even if it was just for a minute I felt like this was progress. They did this back in September as well, until I went out of town, and then it stopped.

So far, Mr. Screech is the only one that avoids me in the morning now and starts causing a ruckus with his brothers, so this morning I asked him to come to me and I tried to talk to him about it. He was being nasty and snarky so we took it to the couch. He had a rage session that lasted under 5 minutes and then we went through his feelings when I went out of town, his birth story, and living at the orphanage. It wasn't until we got to the orphanage, and talking about those feelings, that the his happy feelings were able to shine through.His countenance changed, he was smiling at me and wanted to snuggle.

I had high hopes for our day after the breakthrough, but I think he is dealing with a lot of emotions it just wasn't happening. We were going to take the boys to lunch at Chic-Fil-A and the swim at the Y and as soon as I told them it was time to put on socks and shoes Mr. Screech went out of control screaming. I finally told The Mr. to take the other two boys and go.

Mr. Screech and I had another couch session and this time he was a lot more aggressive and trying to bite and scratch me. When it was all done and we were talking about it he said he was screaming because his thumb hurt. What?! Uh, ok. We'll just keep working through these tough feelings.

Mr. Screech has a bad habit of coming when he is NOT called and ignoring when I call his name, so today I called for Mr. Happy and here comes Mr. Screech pushing Mr. Happy out of the way so he could get to me first and said, "Yes mommy?" I said, "Oh, Mr. Screech I need you to vacuum the living room and Mr. Happy I need you to take care of your bowl you left out." Oh, how Mr. Screech screamed and tantrumed. I'm thinking he might think twice about coming when he is not called. (I got this idea from the comments of someone's blog and wish I could remember so I could give credit where it is due.)

This evening I got to go scrapbooking with a friend of mine and it was great! I got to look at happy pictures and make happy albums. Nothing like a little scrappy therapy to make this girl keep pressing on. I won't give up!

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Lisa said...

Totally love the idea of creating a request for coming when he wasn't called. Going to have to go add that to the list on the fridge. :)